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People that have attended a foodfestival know what we are talking about; throughout the entire event your senses are stimulated by wonderful barbecue aromas. Subtle flavors of smokey wood and juicy meat that’s being grilled tingle your nostrils.
Yet when you barbecue at home, all you get are high flames and big, unpleasant smokescreens. The results of this is that your meat is still raw and the outsides are scorched. You can let all this in the past now: everyone using the Yakiniku can be called a grillmaster.

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Yakiniku, meaning grilled meat in Japanese, is a kamado grill based on the traditional Japanese model. The oval form of the Kamado makes sure that the hot air circulates on the inside.

Yakiniku vs the rest

  • The Yakiniku is a kamado grill made of extra thick ceramics of the highest quality combined with very strong mineral cordierite and quartz. On the 19-inch model, the ceramic casing is 33 mm thick. So the Yakiniku can withstand all weather conditions and temperature changes. Even in winter, this kamado grill is ready to be used.
  • All the stainless steel used for the Yakiniku is type 304. This is the best steel to choose when it comes to heat resistance. In short, this kamado can withstand all weather conditions like no other.
  • The chimney of the Yakiniku is also made of 304 stainless steel and, unlike the cast iron versions - The ash tray of the Yakiniku is wide, so you can store more ashes than with the average kamado grill.
  • The felt edge supplied is made of non-flammable material to ensure that the Yakiniku is fully sealed.
  • The oxygen input of the Yakiniku is divided up into measuring units. This means that you always set the same air supply. And it has a grid to prevent the loss of charcoal.
  • The wood chipper is airtight and has dual insulation so that you can use this kamado without burning your fingers. The wood chipper is easy to open and close without damaging the ceramic casing thanks to a bayonet system.

The Yakiniku is made of strong cordierite in combination with ceramics and quartz, Yakiniku gives a 20-year warranty on this.

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